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Data Warehousing Integration and Architecture

Data Warehousing, Integration and Architectural Solutions

iDbase data integration professionals design and deploy architectures that are strongly independent, future-facing, productive, scalable, and interoperable.

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Data warehouse Architecture Best Practices

iDbase Data Warehouse Professionals design Data Warehouse Architecture following the best practices:

  • Using a data model that is optimized for information retrieval which can be the dimensional mode, denormalized or hybrid approach.
  • Assuring that Data is processed quickly and accurately. At the same time, taking an approach that consolidates data into a single version of the truth.
  • Carefully design the data acquisition and cleansing process for Data warehouse.
  • Design a MetaData architecture which allows sharing of metadata between components of Data Warehouse
  • Consider implementing an ODS model when information retrieval need is near the bottom of the data abstraction pyramid or when there are multiple operational sources required to be accessed.
  • We make sure that the data model is integrated and not just consolidated. In this case, we should consider the 3NF data model. Which is also ideal for acquiring ETL and Data cleansing tools

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