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College AI

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An Artificially Intelligent Education Management System

iDbase College AI

Science and Technology have become an integral part of our Education System. Over the past few years we have witnessed the rise and impact of education technology especially through a multitude of adaptive learning platforms. It is positively reported that Artificial Intelligence will transform Education in the coming years and iDbase College AI has been on the front foot in making this a reality.

Institutions of learning need to take advantage of College AI technology to improve education quality, deliver much more value with less effort using this Student Assessment and Placement Solution, and an automated Education Management System by iDbase Software.

College AI solutions will also assist in learners’ Churn detection and prevention reduction by providing early signs of a learner possibly churning.

iDbase College AI uses data science through adaptive learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to support educational institutions, learners and learner’s placement in areas of capabilities.

This Education Management Software shall manage your education institution by simplifying and automating processes, addressing the needs of all stakeholders by helping them to be more efficient in their respective roles.

College AI Features

Education Management System

   General Information

This Solution captures general information about the learner and their educational background for analysis and decision purposes.

  • Biodata
  • Collect Demographic Information
  • Identify School Background
  • Identify Individual Needs
  • Identify Learning Barriers


 Screen Academic Ability

  • Identify Literacy Levels
  • Identify Numeracy Levels
  • Screen for Student Strong Abilities
  • Identify Students Weakness
  • Screen and Identify Disabilities
  • Re-assessment capability


  • Student shall be able to complete an assessment online
  • After completing the assessment, the students shall be placed successfully into a program according to his/her abilities.
  • This will include the most suitable course according to his/her abilities.
  • Taking into consideration the student’s interest or area of interest.
  • The results of the test shall be an indication of the most suitable programs, and this shall be shown clearly in a printable report.


  • The system is of advanced technology and can do much more than simply grade an exam, but shall also
  • Compile data about how students performed and even
  • Grade more abstract assessments such as essays where necessary.

      Academic Support and Transcript Management Tool

  • After completing the assessment, the solution provides evidence of the students’ needs that would assist them to succeed academically and that can be provided by Student Support – a printable one page would be available.
  • This tool shall be able to identify the individual and specific needs of the student in the learning environment.
  • The tool shall be able to screen the student’s overall academic ability, identifying literacy and numeracy levels and support required.
  • Barriers to learning and development shall be clearly noted.
  • The student’s disabilities need shall be identified, and support based on specific needs shall be explained.
  • All this shall be captured in a page format report and printing it shall be easy.


 Student Tracking

  • Ability to produce Individual Report
  • Ability to produce Group Reports
  • Ability to produce Lecturing Reports
  • Ability to Obtain Statistics
  • Multiple testing

    Churn Detection and Prevention

  • The solution identifies the behavioral pattern of students leaving the institution
  • The solution identifies the behavioral pattern of student’s academic performances
  • Detect and notify the institution of students that are likely to fail
  • Detect and notify the institution of students that are likely to drop out of school and not finish their education
  • Helps the institution to be proactive in students’ academic/career counseling and advice.
  • The solution shall help the institution in learner’s retention.
  • The solution shall help the institution in learner’s performance improvement.

College AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence AI and Machine Learning ML

AI and ML

Adaptive Learning

Education Management System

Adaptive learning is a computer-based and/or online educational system that modifies the presentation of material in response to student performance. Best-of-breed systems capture fine-grained data and use learning analytics to enable human tailoring of responses. The associated learning management systems (LMS) provide comprehensive administration, documentation, tracking and reporting progress, and user management

iDbase College AI deploys this technology to assign human or digital resources to learners’ Personalized Learnings based on their unique needs.

The first component of implementing personalized learning is getting to know the student and their educational background, interests, and academic goals. Having an understanding of where a student is coming from and where they want to go helps create a custom experience.

Distinguishing the student’s background and goals from past students allows the system to recognize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for academic material retention and comprehension.

Churn Detection and Prevention

Education Management System

Learners churn is a critical metric for Educational Institution’s success because:

  • It is much less expensive to retain existing learners than it is to acquire new learners – earning business from new learners means working leads all the way through the sales funnel, utilizing your marketing and sales resources throughout the process.
  • Learners retention, on the other hand, is generally more cost-effective as you’ve already earned the trust and loyalty of existing learners.
  • Learners churn impedes growth, so the institution needs to have a defined method for detection and prevention.
  • By being aware of and monitoring churn rate, the institution is well equipped to determine their institution retention success rates and identify strategies for improvement.
  • The institution is well equipped to determine the learners who are likely to drop out of their academics’ success and identify strategies for improvement.
  • The institution is well equipped to determine the learners who are likely to withdraw from the institution and identify strategies for improvement.

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