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SalesPal SalesPAL is a full-feature suite designed to help you grow your business.

SalesPAL more than a POS



  • Check out what salesPal can achieve for your business.
  • Create and edit quotes/estimates which you can send to your clients anytime.
  • You can convert a quote to an invoice when you get an approval.
  • It does all your discount and tax calculations.
  • Keep your sales records up to date.
  • It provides you information on all devices.
  • Keeps track of your customers, products or services.
  • It’s free.

Invoice Features


Quote Features

salespal-quote features

Payment Features

salespal-payment features

Client Features

salespal-client features

Allow our experienced and talented team to help lead your next project from brainstorming to flawless execution.

Supported Technologies

microsoft gold-partner iDbase Software
PowerBI iDbase Software
Microsoft SQL iDbase Software
sharepoint iDbase Software
microsoft-bi iDbase Software
mecer iDbase Software
Qlikview iDbase Software
iDbase Software ITR ManageEngine