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iDbase Software partners with Bitanium as the sole provider of the Incorta Business Intelligence solution in South Africa

Leverage all the data you need to quickly analyze, adapt and keep pace and achieve customer 360 with Incorta.

Incorta: Modernized BI Approach

As opposed to the traditional way of implementing data analytics, one platform could be used to perform every thing and you only pay for the Size of Data being consumed per Annum

Bring all your tech stacks into one view for self serve analytics Sales and Marketing teams are challenged, Leveraging all the data in today’s sales and marketing tech stacks to drive operational efficiencies has become a prerequisite of any sales or marketing team today. Incorta’s approach to bringing together one single source of data truth as well as the ability to act on it has won Incorta the trust of some of the world’s largest consumer and business brands.

incorta dashboard

One Platform to do the following:

• Source Data from multiple Platform
• Persist Data for real-time reporting
• Already existing reports for analytics and forecasting
• Cost Based on Volume of Data

incorta analytics platform
  • One Unified Platform for all the data sources
  • Incorta uses “Direct Data Mapping ”in-memory technology which is the
    fastest joining complex data together
  • Incorta deployment and configuration is simple
  • Incorta maintenance and administration is easy for end users.
  • Incorta can be deployed on commodity hardware. No need for special
  • Based on their previous customers implementation, Incorta
    implementation takes weeks and days
    Incorta has machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Incorta has a component for the data management and data quality. It can do that through Python, R, SQL scripts.
  • Incorta has version control capabilities

Why Incorta

360 Analytics

  • Overcome all data obstacles to deliver hyper relevant customer
  • Keep up with the pace of today’s customer journeys by capturing data on all touchpoints.
  • Meet all business requirements around data from multiple, disparate sources, so teams from IT, BI, and quickly create a unified view, faster front-end performance and lead times, all while keeping full data fidelity.

Marketing Analytics

  • Pull from all marketing and sales tech stacks to speed up operational and ROI success from Incortas Direct Data Platform.
  • Unite data and create the single source of truth they need to analyze all data in seconds for actionable, impactful campaigns and customer insights.
  • Drive maximum ROI on campaigns and media investments.
incorta dashboard

Sales Analytics

  • Increase pipeline conversion rates and velocity with better sales analytics from Incorta’s Direct Data Platform.
  • Measure and monitor standard pipeline KPIs.
  • Compare current pipeline stats to previous time periods.
  • Identify which sales cycle milestones are leading indicators of a deal
  • Determine if sales velocity is accelerating in accordance with strategic
  • Determine if there’s sufficient pipeline to support sales forecasts.

Marketing Campaign Analytics

  • Evaluate and optimize marketing campaign effectiveness with Incorta’s Direct Data Platform.
  • Quickly determine which marketing campaigns and messages generate
    the greatest number of qualified of leads, opportunities and sales.
  • Quickly find the highest conversion rates between each stage of the
    buying cycle.
  • Quickly find the highest rate of customer renewal and more importantly,
    customer churn though the most timely customer churn analysis yet.
  • Analyze, report and share dashboard views across the entire organization.
incorta dashboard

Forecast Analytics

  • Get real time accuracy with Forecast Analytics
  • Determine how long it typically takes to win or lose a deal, and how that
    duration varies by rep.
  • Identify the amount of time spent in each stage of the sales cycle
    according to different factors.
  • Determine which customers or industries take the longest time to close.
  • Determine each rep’s average productivity and win rate.
  • Identify which reps discount the most money to close a deal, as well as
    the average amount of the discounts they offer.

Sales Performance Analytics

  • Improve speed and productivity with Sales Performance Analytics with Incorta’s Direct Data Platform.
  • Measure and monitor standard sales management KPIs, such as YTD sales activity/value, number/value of current opportunities in the pipeline, number/value of closed deals, average number of days to deal close, rep/account breakdown by annual contract value, forecast by rep, and amount won vs. goal/amount expected won vs. goal by rep.
  • Compare deal and rep stats to previous time periods—year over year,
    quarter over quarter, week over week.
  • Calculate pipeline growth or shrinkage.
  • Identify the best performing sales reps.
  • Identify deals that have pushed to the next quarter or stalled indefinitely.
  • degree approach to customer value
incorta dashboard

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