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Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

About Business Intelligence (BI)

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Business intelligence (BI) combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions.

BI handles large amounts of information to help identify and develop new opportunities. Making use of new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

Why Business Intelligence with iDbase

iDbase Software

Business intelligence has a really positive impact on an organization’s people, performance, projects, and decisions as it is used to turn data into actionable information for leadership, management, organization and decision making.

iDbase Business Intelligence solution is relevant to your Company in the following ways:

  • Analysing customer behaviours, buying patterns and sales trends
  • Measuring, tracking and predicting sales and financial performance
  • Budgeting and financial planning and forecasting
  • Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Optimising processes and operational performance
  • Improving delivery and supply chain effectiveness
  • Web and e-commerce data analytics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Risk analysis
  • Strategic value driver analysis

You need Business Intelligence when…

iDbase Software

Business intelligence is meant to empower your people as much as it is your business. Companies have found that allowing employees to access and track analytical and operational data improves work efficiency and goal-reaching by monitoring real-time efforts alongside the business plan.

The power of BI provides your teams the opportunity to tell their data stories, working faster, smarter and embracing a more open and transparent workspace. That’s taking it to the next level.

Clear indicators that you need Business Intelligence for your business:

  • When there is a need for informed business decisions
  • The need to integrate data from multiple business applications or data sources
  • Lack of visibility into the company’s operations, events, news, finances, and other areas
  • The need to access relevant business data quickly and efficiently
  • Increasing volume of users requiring and accessing information and more end-users requiring analytical capabilities
  • Rapid company growth or a recent or pending merger/acquisition
  • Introduction of new products
  • Upgrades within the IT environment.

iDbase Business Intelligence Offer

iDbase Software

iDbase Business Intelligence Solution offers you the following value proposition:

  • Dashboards
  • Visualizations
  • Reporting
  • Data mining
  • ETL (extract-transfer-load —tools that import data from one data store into another)
  • OLAP (online analytical processing)

Giving you quick and easy-to-digest data summaries that are at the heart of your business. 

Benefit of Business Intelligence with iDbase

iDbase Software
  1. Quick answers to critical business questions.
  2. Align activities with strategy.
  3. Reduce time spent on data entry and manipulation.
  4. Gain in-depth real-time insights into customers.
  5. Benchmark data against the competitor and historical data for continuous improvements.
  6. Identify and analyze areas to cut costs and budget allocation.
  7. Boost internal productivity by spending time on what’s important.

Allow our experienced and talented team to help lead your next project from brainstorming to flawless execution.

Supported Technologies

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PowerBI iDbase Software
Microsoft SQL iDbase Software
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Qlikview iDbase Software
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