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As data analysis and Big Data Science begins to dominate every aspect of our public and commercial lives, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to make sense of the flood of information generated every day by customers, clients and employees.

By using the best and most established Business Intelligence Technology platforms, such as Microsoft, SAP, SQL and Qlikview, we are able to provide your business with to-the-minute, dashboard-based insights into the key aspects of sales, revenue, payroll and stock management to mention but a few, whenever you need them. We provide you with the capabilities for modern Data Warehousing, and our team of highly-qualified technical experts will assist you in extracting powerful, driving information from the data.

IDBase Software works in the following industries:


Telecom and Media


Banking and Finance






IT Consultancies


Government gazette

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A few of the companies we have serviced, and currently servicing.

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At IDBase Software, we aim to provide you with services that make your business infinitely more powerful and competitive. 

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